Over the years the Internet has grown exponentially as an information gateway. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection to help the students surf the internet. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled and connected with optic fibre cables. Students can access the world wide web from anywhere on the campus. Computer labs of the MS are fully equipped with the latest computers and the Information Technology curriculum has been so planned that computers become an integral part of the learning process. Students learn various software and graphics packages in the junior classes. In the higher classes the students have an option to learn advanced softwares such as JAVA, MySQL and C++. Etc.

Well-equipped language Lab is available to improve the reading, writing and listening skills of the students.

MS has smart classrooms connected to a central server for e-content to make their textual knowledge more interactive.

The conference hall is equipped with the latest Audio/Visual equipment for presentations & lectures.

Introduction of digital learning in schools has filled enthusiasm in the students and has lessened the burden of bags. Digital Tablets are used for making the teaching learning process more efficient and effective.

Robotics/ Gaming / Animation clubs has attracted the interest of the students for enhancing the knowledge in IT.

The school has one of the most sophisticated ERP systems (School management software) that manages the entire record of its students, faculty member, administration and accounting procedures. The ERP system has been developed in-house with the help of the Information & Technology department.

The school library is equipped with latest computers which in turn connect them to the smart classroom. The state of the art primary school and primary hostels has in-house computers for the students.

The school’s own website is a rich source of information for the students, parents and the prospective students. They can login to send their feedback and messages, download application forms, view the results of exams, check the progress of their child, etc. through the school website.

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