Schedule a School Visit

Parents considering admission to MS are strongly encouraged to visit the School. These can be booked online or through the Front Office.
A typical visit would involve the following:

a. A tour of the campus with PRO/Admin
b. One-on-one discussion with an Admin Staff to understand the rules and regulations of the School
c. Meeting the Counsellor/Teacher
d. A family conference in which a group of staff members answer questions about the School, the opportunities it offers and the daily routine
e. Meeting the Principal or Chairman/Manager, to convey a sense of how MS will fit into their School search

Parents are requested to kindly furnish the following details through the form provided below:

Your plan will be confirmed by the School on receipt of your request. Please wait for the confirmation from the School Office before you visit the School.
In case you do not hear back from us within 48 hrs, please call on +91-7777041041.