Life @ MS

Life @MS

Life @MS is well explained in the Book by J S Mann – “Let’s pray before our meal” Life in a Boarding School, the first ever book on life in a boarding school where it says –

‘Life in a boarding school starts after lunch’. How true and how so exciting.

Chapter 5, pg.61

The threshold of The Mann School has a mystical quality about it. Once a child crosses it to become a member of the MS family, the child faces a totally different world. A world where the spirit of solidarity, team work and service transcends all other feelings. Be it a day scholar or a boarder, the mark of MS is indelible throughout their lives. Former students have often come back to their alma mater and re-affirmed our faith that MS provides one of the most congenial living experiences globally.

The school has separate residential blocks for boys and girls. Each child comes under the care and guidance of a house master/warden. Each residential block has its own study and entertainment centre. For the brain to function optimally, the stomach has to be satiated. So, we take care to provide wholesome and timely meals to all our students. The school provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines prepared under the expert supervision of hotel management professionals. Every table has a teacher with it not only to guide the students about table etiquette and manners but to share their thoughts and emotions.

The students cherish memories about living under their respective house master/warden who treated them as their own children and guided them as only teachers can. MS ceases to be a school once you are one of our own, it is home and later when you pass-out of it, the MS experience becomes a way of life; one that is the foundation of many a successful career and many more happy lives.

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