Reading makes a big difference to children's educational performance. Children who read every day develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge, and a better understanding of other cultures. To help children live in a world of information, MS Library is richly stocked with books of different genres and reference resources easily accessible to the children. The school is also committed to ongoing investment in digital technology and other e-book sources and resources.

There is ample space for reading and plenty of access to IT facilities in the Resource room adjacent to the Library. The Library is designed to provide students with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study and intellectually creative thought. Under the supervision of an exceptional librarian, the Library is well maintained, with all new releases available in stock. All the books are Bar-coded. In addition, a systematic record is maintained of the books being issued and returned by the children.

The Library provides daily the students' edition published by TOI. In addition, a grand book fair of two days is organised every year in December where readers can purchase their all-time favourite books not exceeding a specific budget. Students are guided and trained to select age and learner's appropriate books, e-resources, magazines, and journals to aid their research and learning.

Students are encouraged to donate books to the Library so that they become part of the collection. The school celebrates the International Book Giving Day on February 14 to give books to the hands of as many children as possible.

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