Let's Pray Before Our Meal

The book is myth shattering description of life, behind the high walls of boarding schools from a person who was a resident in one of the famous boarding schools of the country. The seeds of inspirations behind this book were the numerous incidents and occasions, pranks and prayers in the ever fertile soil of Birla Public School, Pilani. The book also revolves around stories across various boarding schools across the Country.

Beginning from his very first experience of making friends within the first fifteen minutes, the author has successfully managed to present before us, even before the book ends. A clear picture of how life blossoms within the four walls of a boarding school.

Indeed there could be no better way to pay tributes to triumphs of boarding schools other than few pages dedicated to them.

Mr. Joginder Singh Mann began the spring of his life in one of the most fertile educational acres of the country Birla Public School, Pilani. As one of the most illustrious students of this hollowed institution, Mr. Mann showed exemplary leadership qualities and led the school in various capacities beginning as a School Prefect. Mr. Mann graduated in English (Hons.) from University of Delhi and joined the Taj Group. Mr. Mann has been associated with school boarding life for the past 42 years, 12 years during his school tenure and 30 years as the Chairman and boarding adviser of one of the leading schools in Delhi.

'Let's pray before our meal' is the maiden attempt of Mr. Joginder Singh Mann at unraveling a boxful of wonders about the life and times within a boarding school. This book also serves as an eyeopener, for students and parents alike, on the many myths and realities within today's boarding schools.

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