House Master: Mr Bhanwar Charan
Assistant House Master : Mr Vikas Singh Panwar
House Captain : NGURANG JOSEPH
House Captain (Girls) : ARPITA SINGH
House Vice Captain : KUSHAGR BINDAL
Slogan : "When the victory is there to choose, Vyas Rulz."

House Report (Vyas) 2021-22

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”____ Jim Ryun

Vyas House always believes in keeping the habit of winning alive.

The Vyasians have always brought laurels to it in one or the other inter-house activities conducted at school. The love for the house and the spirit of winning in spite of all odds, have always paid rich dividends in terms of claiming our chances of winning School Flag and the Trophy. We missed it by a narrow margin this session but we are quite sanguine for the next one to get this much sought after honour in a boarding school.

The students like Bhanu Bhardwaj from Science stream who secured 93% marks in class XII board exam, remained the top scorer from Vyas House. Jayant Raj and Chirag Sehrawat from Commerce stream secured 94% and 92.8% respectively to bring laurels to the house. Hardik topped the list from humanities stream followed by Lalsiamthari and Lakshay Kataria with 95.8%, 93.2% and 91% marks respectively in class XII board exam to bring good name to the school and house as well. Karan Rana who got 96.4% marks brought fame to the school and the house in class X CBSE board exam in tandem with Preeti Sikdar 96%, Priyanshu Sharma 95.8%, Lakshya Chauhan 94%, Rashi 93.4%, Osh Tyagi 93% and Dushyant achieved 91.6% marks.

Anurag Kumar, another promising Vyasian (batch 2019-20) got selected in NDA (145 Batch) and joined Indian Air force as Flight Lieutenant.

Karan Rana from XI D, Saksham Chaubey from XII D, Siddharth Soni from IX B and Charchit from XC represented Vyas House Big-Brain team in senior division and they got first position in the glory of the House. Chiragh Tushir from VI B, Pranay from VI B, Ishika from VII A and Khushal Dabas from VIII A secured second position in Big-Brain junior category. We got first position in Big-Brain sub-junior category represented by Charu from III C, Nishtha from IV B, Pratistha from V B and Lavitra from VA. Khushal Dabas from class 8A, brought name and fame to the house by winning IQ Wizard title in the Big-Brain GK Competition, junior division. Pratishtha, 5784, 5B achieved the same feat in sub-junior category of the Big-Brain GK Quiz.

We also secured second position in Inter-House IT Quiz with the combined efforts of Bhavya Kumar from grade 6B, Arshia Khatri from 7A, Neha Bhardwaj from 8A, Mansi from 9A and Utkarsh Kumar from XB.

Vyas House is proud of Mansi, 4065, 9A, who emerged victorious in the Inter-House English Declamation Competition.

The house is led and represented efficiently by Master Mayank Kedia along with Ms Vaishnavi Verma who shoulders the responsibility of School Vice-Captains as well. They always go an extra mile and have left no stone unturned to keep the spirits not only of the Vyas House but also the entire school as a unit. The House Captain, Master Abhijeet Kumar Singh and House Captain Girls, Christy Lalruatfeli always put their best foot forward to keep the spirits of the Vyas House always higher than the others in co-curricular activities.

House Vice-Captain, Saksham Chaubey is given a special mention for his immense contribution in the field of academic excellence. He motivated the house mates by setting a bench mark in academics himself.

The Vyasians did a wonderful job to bring grace and dignity to the house by giving an exemplary performance in Cross Country Race. Ansh Kumar secured second position followed by Mayank Kedia with third position. Kali Sharma also managed to secure third position at Cross Country Race in girls division. Samuel was declared the best badminton player and the best footballer who further added another beautiful feather in the cap of the House. Laxmi Narayan Tiwari made the house proud with his feat bagging two gold medals in Athletics Zonal U-17 tournament in Delhi.

The students from Vyas House also participated in IPSC Basketball Tournament and Basketball Zonal games viz. Mayank Kedia, Ansh Kumar, Samuel, Ngurang Joseph and Yash Kumar.

Vyas House remained the proud winner of Inter-House Cross Country Trophy and the Inter-House Football Cup as well. All in all the Vyas House was utterly privileged and proud to have the above mentioned class and caliber of students who brought laurels to the house, school and most importantly their parents too.

May God bless Vyasians all the success in life!


“When the victory is there to choose, Vyas Rulz”

Mr. Bhanwar Charan
House Master