House Report (Dayanand House)

House Master: Mr. Pankaj Kumar
Assistant House Master : Mr. Salil Kumar
House Captain (Boys) AYUSH RAJ YADAV
House Captain (Girls) : SRINITHI V M
House Vice Captain : NITAI RAVALKAR
Slogan: “Arise, Awake & Stop not till the goal is achieved.”

Dayanand House Report 2021-22

The Dayanites proved the motto “ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED” significantly.

The colour green signifies prosperity and harmony. It carries a message of warmth and ambition. With this in mind, the students of Dayanand house participated in all the events and competitions throughout the academic session 2021-22 with great fervour.

House achievements are just a glimpse of the competitive zeal and indomitable will- power found to be truly alive in the students of the house. This spirited endeavor of the students brought the house laurels in many fields.

National and International Front:
Space Indian Pvt Ltd organized International Space-Week Competition 2021 on the theme, ‘Women in Space’. Aryanshika Chugh (Grade-XI, Humanities) participated in the National Info graphic and National Astro Toon. She received the second prize in Senior category in both the events.

Grade XII brought laurels to not only the house but to the school as well. Khushi Pandey secured the highest with an average of 95.2 % in Science stream and Md Rustam - 96% in Humanities.

Sports: Dayanites have to their credit the best sports players.

1. Basket-Ball Priyanshi Kataria
2 Table-Tennis Aditya Pratap Singh
3 Best Sportsperson of the year

Akshit Kumar

The house made its mark in the table tennis tournament by securing the first position.

Akshit Kumar, the house captain, proved his mettle by being the Best Volleyball Player, Best sports person and also stood first in Inter-House cross country race.

Co-Curricular: The spirit of the house was manifested in every circle of the Co-Curricular activities as well. The house bagged the first position in the English Poem Recitation and Hindi Debate and second in English Story Telling.

Inter-House Competitions were Dayanites excelled were:
1 Story Telling (Eng) Second Plaksha
2 Poem Recitation (Eng) First
Aana P Vaidehi
3 Monologue (Eng) Best Speaker Harshita Mann
4 Master-26,Vocabulary Contest Master 26 (Sr. category) Anshu
5 Debate (Hindi) Best Speaker Aryanshika

Any competition or event brings new challenges and responsibilities. Dayanand House wishes to participate with more vigour and proudly maintain high the dignity of the house.