House Report (Buddha House)

House Master: Mr. Vishal Deep
Assistant House Master : Mr. Priya Ranjan Pandey
House Captain : ASJAD AHMAD
House Captain (Girls) : VARHLIMPUII
House Slogan "We, we are the light, come c'mon "N" follow us"


“Each challenge we face is an opportunity to take ourselves to another level”.

With the challenges coming to Buddhians head-on, they accept all being head-strong.

The year 2020 unfolded with the rise of COVID, and the dread continued in 2021 too. The physical presence on campus was not permitted in the begining, but the virtual platform was open for the virtual presence. Accepting the challenge head-on, Buddhians participated in the virtual competitions and proved their mettle. The hat trick of the hat tricks made by Buddhians in lifting the ultimate, splendid School Flag Trophy is never history, as the Buddhians are eagerly waiting for the reopening of the school in full swing so that they can thump the ground, kick the ball and hit the show again. The year 2021 witnessed Buddhians among the toppers of the three streams; Science, Commerce and Humanities. Armaan Singh stood topper in Class XII Commerce with 96.2 % marks. Anchal Chandra’s academic potential from the Science Stream with a score of 92.3%. With a score of 95.2%, Ankit Mishra stood third among toppers of the Humanities stream.

Armaan Singh’s kitty was full with accreditations and acknowledgements. He was the first ‘Academic Captain’ of the school. He was adjudged the best entrepreneurial level in the School Enterprise Challenge program. He led various Business Plans and Competitions organised at both national and international levels. He possessed an exemplary writing skills, so he was one amongst the students’ journos for the annual school magazine ‘MAPSIANS’. His leadership skills fetched him the title of Traffic Warden(Class Monitor) of his class. He received a ‘Certificate of Zonal Excellence’ in the International Commerce Olympiad. He topped the UN Information Test from the Senior Division.

Nainika Mann (IX) participated in the Hindi Debate Competition organised by Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun. Her oratory skills were recognised and specially mentioned by the jury members.

Rishabh Papnoi was chosen to lead the student Council from the front as the School Captain ‘Boys’. A fifteen days English Fest, ‘English Fortnight was conducted virtually. Rishabh Papnoi was adjudged the ‘Best Speaker’ in the inter-House English Debate competition. Vasant Madhav S (IX) stood third. Buddha House stood second.

Aaradhya Saini (I) and Diven (II) stood first in the Inter-Class Role Play Competition. Buddhians stood second in the Inter-House Master 26 Competition (SJD), On the parallel line of the ‘English Fortnight’, a fifteen days ‘Hindi Pakhwada’ was organised which included various inter-house competetitions. In the Inter-House Poem Recitation Competition (SJD), Shruti (V-B) stood second, but the house stood winner with the efforts of all the participants in the competition.. In the mind boggling quiz competition, ‘Big Brain’, Buddha House stood first in the SJD and JD divisions. Buddha house’s greatest glory is in never falling but in rising every time we fall. Its yellow colour symbolizes hope and positivity. Throughout the year, it was very interesting to watch the house as they held up in the face of stiff competition like valiant soldiers. Everybody was enthusiastic about participating in every event and tried their best to win the competitions. There was a wide spectrum of inter-house activities and sports played by the students of the house. Each tournament was a very exciting challenge for our Buddhians.

They performed extremely well and outdid other houses by getting the first position in the inter-house Badminton tournament. Pratham Sharma and Ayush Chaudhary displayed outstanding agility and vigour. The girls played with great enthusiasm and returned each of the opponent's blows with great smashes. Jyothirlata and Lavanya took up the challenge and gave their best when mattered the most. They were declared as the best players in the senior girls' division.

The very exciting inter-house Basketball tournament for the current session attracted a lot of attention. The tournament successfully came to an end with Buddha house lifting the trophy. The game was played in two phases, the semi-finals, and the finals. The final was played between Buddha house and Vyas house where Buddha house defeated Vyas House to fetch the first position. Abhay Tomar was adjudged as the best player of the tournament. The school organized an inter-house chess tournament to provide a platform for students to improve on logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem-solving. It was heart-warming to see Buddha house students playing their moves like stalwarts with great concentration. The winner of the chess competition was Rishabh Papnoi. It was a great experience for the team -Jorish, Krishneet Dua, Lavanya and Arpita as they got a good opportunity to display their skills.

Abhay Tomar, Jorish, Aman Gupta, Arun Rana, Asjad and Pratham Sharma took part in a tug of war inter-house competition. They proudly displayed determination and the courage to challenge themselves. Congratulations Buddha house for your fantastic win. Well done to all who took part.

The school recognizes the academic achievements of its students in the form of an academic trophy. The spirit of competition was found to be truly alive till the end. The Buddhians were very determined to be the best. They excelled in academics and put in their maximum efforts in bringing the trophy to the house. The house showed its never-say-die spirit by winning the coveted ‘School Flag House Trophy’ and maintaining its position as they had done for the last couple of years. Buddha house students, like always participated in all the events and took strength from their ongoing spirit. The Buddha House worked hard this time and has learned to put its best efforts into all the events whether big or small. We are gearing up for stiff competition from other houses and look forward to winning the ‘School Flag Trophy’ again in the next academic year. We hope to take part in every competition with even more vigour, enthusiasm, and team spirit in the next year.

Vishal Deep
House Master
Buddha House