House Report (Buddha House)

House Master: Mr. Vishal Deep
Assistant House Master : Mr. Pankaj Kumar
House Captain : Master Govind Galyan
House Captain (Girls) : Ms. Ishita Agarwal
House Vice Captain Master Harshit Gupta
House Slogan "We , we are the light, come c'mon "N" follow us"

House Report 2017-18

Through out of the year all the members of Buddha House included students, tutors and house master worked hard and the result manifested that we were moving in the right direction that's why we won the Flag House .

Buddha House worked strenuously and it was their efforts which made them lift 9 trophies out of 17 which included the Gentleman's trophy as well.

The volley ball team of Buddha House led by Aniketwar made us lift the Volleyball cup. Nikhil and Lamyamaba with their amicable team efforts won the Football Cup. Here I would like to mention that 6 out of 11 students who participated in the IPSC Football Team were from the Buddha Family. Not only that, we marked our footprints in The IPSC Basketball team as well. Seven players in the team were from Buddha House. The team was lauded by all sitting in the audience. Though the swimming trophy could not be ours but we won 20 medals including 14 Gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze. The best swimmers among the boys and girls were Abeer Chaddha and Priyanshi, none other than Buddhians. We stood the 2nd Best in the Young Mozart competition where Shivam, Adesh and Garv were recognized for their solo and trio performances respectively. Aniketwar, Tashi and Ning representing the senior boys, Girls and junior boys brought the glorious Cross country trophy to Buddha House. I feel proud to mention that the Best athlete and the second Best athlete chosen among the girls ie. Tashi and Sneha respectively are from Buddha House.

As we move on from Sports to academics, I feel elated in briefing you that the students who represented the school in The ALL INDIA MASTER 26 were Shalabh and Soumya and they belong to Buddha House. Not only that, 14 students from Buddha House were an important part of the team who went for the Europe tour and to Germany for the student Exchange program.

Our journey of achievements does not end up here. Three students from Buddha House; Umang, Abhishek and Ankit made runs and grabbed catches in the IPSC Cricket team. Aniketwar Sahil Shivam Sneha Indira, Kishan and Soumya ran on tracks in the IPSC Atheletics and all these names are from Buddha Family. 5 among the riders we witnessed on the horses back on the Annual Day were from Buddha House which include Aniketwar, Tanya, Mrinank, Govind and Sahil. Nischal again a Buddhian was awarded with a laptop and a certificate from dell for winning the Dell Champs Competition.

The list is long and probably endless when I talk of recognitions of my students on various platforms be it MUN or their performance at Annual Day in NCC. My children have always made the House Flag flutter with pride and I am proud of them.

Vishal Deep
House Master