House Report (Buddha House)

House Master: Mr. Vishal Deep
Assistant House Master : Mr. Pankaj Kumar
House Captain : Master Govind Galyan
House Captain (Girls) : Ms. Ishita Agarwal
House Vice Captain Master Harshit Gupta
House Slogan "We , we are the light, come c'mon "N" follow us"


“Don't take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.’’

The very day, Buddha House lifted the Flag House Trophy in the session 2016- 2017,the members of the Buddhian family worked honesty and diligently to scale new heights. Perhaps it was the single – minded devotion of each and every member of the Buddha House, towards one goal i.e. making the Flag House Trophy theirs once again.

“When spirit is high and ambition is set, then sky is the limit.’’

The Journey of Victory started with lifting The Volley ball trophy. This tournament was amazingly won by Buddhians by winning all the matches in all the divisions. Audrey, Ishita and Jannat, Govind Galyan and Shivam Gupta were recognised for their performance. Audreywas declared as the best volleyball player among girls.

Buddhians brought badminton shield home forever. Since it was not enough in terms of winning, the replica of badminton, table tennis and athletics also added glory to the endeavours of Buddhians.

Umang Khatri, Mrinank, Atthrav and Vishnu showed their skills in the table tennis matches and won the tournament. Umang Khatri and Jannat were declared as the best table tennis player in their respective categories.

Buddhians have been making the Horse riding trophy theirs from last 5 years The credit goes to the team of equestrians who are none other than Mrinank, Sahil Tanwar, Govind Galyan and Jannat. The best riders from both girls’ and boys’ categories are Jannat and Sahil Tanwar, who are Buddhians.

Buddhians managed to lift seven trophies which include horse riding, swimming, athletics, basketball, badminton, volleyball and table tennis before they could reach to the Flag House Trophy.

In the cross country, Shivam Gupta clinched the first position in the senior division. He also won 400m race consecutively 6 years Ning and Asjad proved their potential by acquiring first and second position among junior boys. Somyanath managed to get the third position in the girls division. Sahil Tanvar was also chosen as the best athlete among boys and Toko Indra was declared the best girl athlete. Buddhians are not only good athletes but great swimmers as well. It was proved when Abheer Chadha and Priyanshi were felicitated for being chosen as the best swimmers.

Abhishek Singh was declared the best bowler of the inter house cricket tournament. Fela was recognised as the best footballer.

Though Jorish won the best solo performance in Young Mozart and Rashmi and Sanya were the best duet performers, but Buddhians could not become the proud winners of the Young Mozart and Band Trophy.

Vibhu Juneja, School Vice-Captain boys, a Buddhian topped science stream in class 11th followed by Karan Prandhan . Himanshu Chauhan was the second topper of Commerce Stream whereas Vansh Vashishtha got the certificate of excellence from the CBSE board exams. In JEE mains Karan Prdhan scored 97.61 percentile. In India International Science Festival 2018 Shivam Gupta, Jasmine Vansh and Jerry were selected as delegates to IISF and they won the 4th position in the Nothern India Cultural Fest.

The talented Buddhians have always proved with their accomplishments that they are a family of talent. Morning Assembly has been proudly won for last 6 years consecutively by Buddha House. The English Fortnight has been a fort under Buddhian’s capture for 6 years in a row. It’s the endeavours ofNehal Jora, Harshit Gupta, Tai Taum, who paint their creative ideas on canvas beautifully and Buddhians managed to win the poster making competition in the English Fortnight for last 6 years.

If Buddha House has sports personalities like Sahil Tanwar, Shivam, Govind and Kishan it also has orators and writers like Saurav Aggarwal, Vibhu Juneja, Ishita and Sneha to justify the power of pen and words. It was proved when Saurav Aggarwal won three times the best speaker award in the inter school Debate competition at BPS Pilani and as one of the potential team member of three, lifted the Runners Up trophy. Vibhu Juneja represented the school in the All India The Mann School Silver Jubilee Master 26, this year.

The prestigious B K Sood Principal Award in both the categories were awarded to Vibhu Juneja and Anjali Arya.

Its because of students like Harshit Gupta, Shubham, Jatin Chaudhary, Sneha, Stanzin, Suphita, Athrav Vishnu, Mrinank, KC, Yuvraj Bhadoo and many more that the House Flag fluttered with pride in the session2018-19.

Vishal Deep
House Master
Buddha House