House News (Vyas House)

Vyas house is always known for its high sports spirit and unity and because of that Vyasians yet again proved their capability for exemplary performance in maximum of major sports as in other areas:

In this major interhouse activity, Vyas won one the match in Junior Division and one match in senior Division under the captaincy of Master Lal and Master Natorespectively.
Cross Country
In this big mass event, a total of 65 Vyasians involving all divisions, senior, junior and Girls, participated. We missed 1st position by the margin of few points.
Young Mozart (Music concert)
Vyas participated in the prestigious musical event in four categories, viz, solo, Duet, Trio and group. Master Devyanshwas awarded the first place in solo. In group categaoryVyasiansagain performed well and earned the topmost rating. As a result, Vyas became the Young Mozart for third time consecutively.
Basket Ball
We lifted Basket Ball Trophy with the combined effort of Senior, Junior and Girls team. Master Nokul from senior team, Master Lal from junior team and Deliaka from Girls team let their team with great skills and determination.
Band Trophy
Vyas House has a privilege to lift Band Trophy after four year, the students of Vyas House put in their heart and soul together to bring the honour to the house.Students like Divyansh Tiwari, Chinmaya, Raghav, Asharetc.need a special mentioning. Abhishek Patel was announced as the Band Major.
Tennis Trophy
The tennis players like Master Harsh and Miss Monicadid honour to the house by winning and putting up a great show to exhibit their skills.
March-past Trophy
Vyasians marched with steady heel and cadence; this helped them to prove their metal once again and hence picked up March-past trophy with great proud. Our mentor Mr. P S Paul inspired our students in such way that they marched like a soldier. Master Nokul and Master Reedham led their troop with great confidence and hence brought this achievement to their house second time in a row.
Big Brain
Vyas House feel proud to win inter house big brain competition by showing their Skill of General Knowledge on papers and stage too.