House News (Vyas House)

Vyas House is always known for its true sports spirit and unity and because of this our vyasians proved their capability and unique performance in maximum of the major sports. For the session 2015-16 vyasian kept their house flag high in the following fields:

It is one of the major events among all inter house activities. This year we won both matches of inter house, junior division, and one match, senior division, under the captainship of Master Chandra Shekher and Ngurang Nyakum respectively.
Cross Country
In this event total 165 students all including Senior, Junior and Girls division participated and in Junior division Master Arbaz secured first position.
Young Mozart
In this prestigious musical event we participated in four categories viz. Solo, Duet, Trio and Group where Vyasian Lalamawpiia got first place in solo, Lalamawpiia and Lalthuwanga got first place in duet and not only this vyasian got first place in group performance also ad hence vyas house uplifted the trophy of young Mozart.
In this event we participated in all the three categories Senior, Junior and Girls where Master Karan was declared best swimmer of the junior division.
Gentlemen’s Trophy
This is the trophy which does not depend on the activities of a day or two. It is the silent event which continues till whole session. By showing their proper behaviour and all round discipline vyasian uplifted the gentlemen’s trophy.
For any institution academics is the base to judge the level of an individual or a group. If vyasian are good in discipline and games then how can they be second in academics? By their extraordinary performance in academics right from class I to class XII vyasians uplifted the trophy of academics for the session 2015-16.