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When a school receives a
child as a pupil, he is more
or less a kind of innocent
and sweet 'Alice in
Wonderland', veritable
question-box, who seeks to
know more and more
information, ideas and
clarifications to satisfy his
queries which come out of
his confused and
undigested impressions of
the mind.

It is the responsibility and        MESSAGE FROM
maturity of the Parents and
Teachers to understand the          Principal’s Desk
child's psychology and make
him/her learn the core values       that the analog of parents and teachers on an identical attitude towards their
and traditions so that s/he can     wards cannot be stretched too far.
co-relate with them in his/her      Children also take advantage of the fact that parents and teachers belong to
life ahead. A conscious effort      an old world and are not well-acquainted with today's technology, as much
needs to be made by the             they are but, probably they neglect the experience the old generation has in
educators (Parents and              terms of values & traditions. Naturally, the respectful image of parents and
Teachers) to inculcate in them      teachers has gone down in the eyes of the young generation, leading to a
qualities of sincerity, loyalty,    blame-game among all three stake-holders of children's education viz.
belongingness, dedication and       students, parents and teachers.
industry. In fact, such sentiments  One of the probable solution available to bridge the generation gap and
and attitude lead to                bring about an equilibrium in the school sphere lies in adoption of the latest
strengthening the roots of          technology by parents and teachers, who should use it habitually like the
responsibility, character and       young ones do. In other words, both must evolve with the changing time. It
integrity among the students.       will restore the image of the elders in the eyes of the young ones and thus
                                    elders will be able to monitor students better and faster.
It is relevant to mention the       The children, being inexperienced, are unaware of their own potential and
onset of technology era which       hence the onus of responsibilities lies on the educators to bring out their
has suddenly revolutionized the     hidden talent through their rich experience so that they can see the world
educational scenario and has        practically on real grounds. They can face the challenges when they are
made a great impact on              practical in their approach. When their foundation will be strong and built up
students' mental development.       on values & traditions of the society, modernity will have to respect these core
There is no doubt that we have      values and the students will gain the self-confidence and spread the message
to depend upon the technology       of an ideal education system.
which is an integral part of
growth in terms of mentality,                                                                                                                       Mapsian 2018 3
education and overall as a
nation. We need to bear in mind
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