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Editorial                                          not left untouched. The student today is vigilant,
                                                             exposed to new dimensions and eager to explore
    In agreement with the quote that sometimes little        new horizons. As the saying goes, mind like parachute
                                                             works best when opened. This humble initiative is to
    change is good; MAPSIANS has reached to you              set the young minds free, allowing them to gain
                                                             experience of creating a world of beauty in words.
    with little changes in the content in its new            This year, there have been slight alterations to the
                                                             magazine. The layout has been simplified and the
    volume.                                                  reports are printed in a more condensed form. This is
                                                             an attempt to make the magazine more attractive,
    Dear Readers                                             thereby giving you a handy tool to peek into the
                                                             varied range of school activities. The new volume of
    Today it has successfully completed its eighteen years   'MAPSIANS' carries its old essence with new flavor.
    of existence and we wish it many more years of a         Now you can go through the range of information like
    blissful journey ahead.                                  profiles of appointees, co-curricular activities in the
    'MAPSIANS' was christened as 'ADVENT' in its first       primary wing, new developments, accolades and
    year of creation by the intellects of The Mann School'.  achievements etc…
    Perhaps it signified the beginning of a new course. The  Our student authors have put across amazing pieces
    second year earned it a new name 'MAPSIANS' which        of writing displaying their creative thinking and
    was a true reflection of school and its students….       writing skills in their respective areas of interests. The
    Again a well thought and well deserved name              works included in this edition will surely provide you
    suggested by a prudent scholar of the school. Since      an opportunity to read the minds of children and their
    then 'MAPSIANS' has not looked back and scaled new       well - versed creative thinking.
    heights! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!                             'MAPSIANS' has always served the students with a
    Change is only permanent is a thought which has          remarkable platform to vent out their passion for
    fathoms deep meaning. From commutation to                writing. It is indeed an explicit experience to see these
    communication, change is visible. Even education is      enthusiastic writers voicing their feelings through
                                                             stories, poems, jokes and eye opening write-ups.
2 The Mann School                                            Each issue of our school magazine is a milestone that
                                                             marks our growth, unfolds our imaginations, and
                                                             gives life to our thoughts and aspirations. It unleashes
                                                             a wide spectrum of creative skills ranging from writing
                                                             to editing and even in designing the magazine. I
                                                             congratulate the entire editorial team for their hard
                                                             work and dedication in making this herculean task of
                                                             editing the school magazine possible and warmly
                                                             welcome you to read through the paper to relish the
                                                             thoughts poured on it.
                                                             Teamwork is the hallmark of The Mann School. I am
                                                             very sure that through collaborative effort we can
                                                             achieve more to benefit our students who are the
                                                             future leaders of tomorrow.
                                                             Best Wishes

                                                                                                        Ms. Kamini S. Haldar
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